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Reviewing The History of Chroniclers (Vakanuvis) In The Context of Narrative Features: Example of The History of Âsim
The chroniclers (vakanuvis), selected according to their skills in the art of construction and poetry, were assigned to write the history of the Ottoman Empire and wrote works based on chronology by blending their individual styles with the classical literary tradition that started with the adoption of Islam. At these dates, the fictions came out in accordance with the preferences of Chroniclers, the narration was not made randomly, historical data were under the influence of literary and aesthetic sense of and was built in a particular plot and fiction from the perspective of the author-narrator and a narrative style in which the patronage relationship is not ignored. The examination of each paper written in the foundation of chroniclers, who were operating in the last two centuries of the Empire and ended with the fall of the empire, exceeds the limitations of an article, therefore, The History of Âsım, written by Mutercim Âsım from the 19th Century chroniclers, was chosen as a sample. The fact that The History of Âsım contains fictional chapters specialized in the narrator and narration techniques analyzed mainly in modern literary studies has been effective in our preference. In the article, firstly the fictional structure of chroniclers’ history will be emphasized, then the narration characteristics of The History of Âsım will be tried to be determined. The purpose of this study, although it is a historical text with regard to its content, is to focus on how and in what dimensions Âsım combines the linguistic and structural factors preferred by him with the style of expression in the tradition of construction and poetry. This study, which claims that The History of Âsım is a literary narrative text based on a fiction that rebuilds the real events, also aims to demonstrate the opportunity for interdisciplinary work by applying modern approaches to classical texts based on the methods of analysis of modern literature.

History Of Chroniclers, Narrative, Narration Techniques, Mütercim Âsım, The History of Âsım.

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