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On The Place Of Kutadgu Bilig In The History Of Turkish Culture And The Role Of Our Future
Each society has its own culture but not every culture is civilized. Turkish culture participating in the formation of the Islamic civilization with creative moves became the dominant culture in this civilization. Therefore, a separate Turkish-Islamic civilization is mentioned. We see that the path from culture to civilization is opened out and interconnected by the texts being cornerstones. These texts serve to the evolution of culture by forming and bringing together the elements necessary for civilization. Kutadgu Bilig, written by Yusuf Has Hajib in 462 / 1069-70, is one of the most important works of this kind that contributed to the emergence of Turkish-Islamic civilization. Yusuf Has Hajib stood on the necessary knowledge and merits, how to achieve them and what mentality to reach in order to ideal organization of person, community and the state life being keystone of the road from culture to civilization. In this paper, the place of Kutadgu Bilig in the history of Turkish culture and its role should be played in our future imagination will be emphasized. In this context, how it could be used mainly as an educational material in our primary and secondary education system and how we can benefit from the reconstruction of the culture that provide gain of our identity will be discussed.

Kutadgu Bilig, Yusuf Has Hajib, Culture and Civilization, Education.

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