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Social Life in Sheykhi’s Khusrew and Shîrîn
Khusrew and Shîrîn story, which is about the love that Hüsrev-i Perviz, who is the grandson of Nusirevan from Sassanian sovereign and the son of Hürmüz, had with Shîrîn, who was mentioned as Armenian Princess or from Khuzistan, was created on the basis of the historical rumors and heroical stories about Hüsrev-i Perviz. This story, which continues to be narrated in oral tradition, was first discussed as poetical in the Firdevsî’s work named Şehnâme. For the literal purpose, the story was first discussed by Senai in the 12th century, and has gained an eternal character through the work by Genceli Nizamî written in the type of mathnawî, This story, which has attracted great interest in Turkish literature as well as Iranian literature, was written in Anatolia by Sheykhı, one of the leading poets of the 15th century, for the second time after Fahrî. Şeyhî wrote this work as a translation to Nizami's homonym mathnawî, he was accepted as the poet discussing this issue in the best way in Turkish literature. Although Sheykhı’s work is a translation, it has gained an original identity, with the inclusion of the unique style of the poet, the richness of emotions and ideas, the cultural resources of the society he lived in, and the elements of his social life, in addition to some added and removed parts. In this study, considering that the works in the type of mathnawî include many elements regarding the period in which they were written, and the social and cultural structure, and daily life of the society; the elements of social life in the mathnawî in question were identified, classified, and then tried to be evaluated. In this way, it was intended to reveal the situation of the social life, one of the important sources of ottoman poetry, in the Sheykhı’s work.

Sheykhi, Khusrew and Shîrîn, mathnawî, social life, 15th century.

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